Relax! don't worry your privacy is protected, We Wanted-Apps don't collect or use any of your information unless that information is required to function our softwares.

Even if we collect some information we don't store it and share it to others, because we've nothing to do with it - that's not our business.

Below we mention all information we collect and explain why we collect it and what we do with it.

Storage (Files) : to backup

We get storage permission to store backup files and APK files for sending and view folders for you to select backup folder. apart from that we've nothing to do with it.

Internet : to receive ads

We use internet to get advertisements and show them because they fetch us little money. apart from that we've nothing to do with it.


We collect anonymous usage statistics which doesn't include any of your personal details, it only includes information like how many people installed, what functions they used in our apps and it doesn't include who installed or used.